At vTech we not only provide an effective IT Help Desk solution that you can benefit from, but also a long-term value with our consistent services. Our IT Help Desk services consist of certified IT professionals who offer high-quality business support and monitoring services.

We provide our partners with professional and immediate support without any inflated overheads. Together, we help you secure and promote your brand by providing best of quality expertise to your organization. Our experience, commitment, and all-around excellence is what sets us apart from other managed IT service providers. We are available 24x7 via web chat, phone, email and through our secure web portal.

With our professional support consultants, who are ready at a moment's notice to assist your organizational needs, we provide a true 24x7 Help Desk experience.

Our successful solutions thrive on these features:

  • Knowledgeable, certified, and experienced professionals
  • 24x7 coverage operations
  • 3-tiered service levels and custom response capabilities
  • Online/live support chat capabilities
  • Multi-technology support
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solutions
  • Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users
  • Shared operational control with your in-house Help Desk/IT team
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or ad-hoc reporting and trend analysis
  • Focus on customer experience and continuous service Improvement

At vTech, we pride ourselves on providing organizations with instant and most reliable IT support. We have a simple goal, to ensure your IT systems are always up and running.

For more information on our 24x7 Help Desk services and support, please fill out the contact form, or call +1-202-644-9774.

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.