vTech helps you migrate your complex IT infrastructure and IT resources with ease. We deliver end-to-end migration support to all our partners, providing comprehensive migration plans for all challenging IT scenarios.

We help You Migrate

Our Migration Solutions are ideal for small to larger organizations with dedicated on-premise email servers, diversified data to move, and the Interest in making the switch to the Cloud. Using state-of-the-art tools that automatically manage email redirection during the migration, we seamlessly transfer all aspects of your current Microsoft Exchange implementation and other software migrations over to the hosted environment with no inconvenience to you.

Key Differentiators:

  • With our migration Program, you can speed up user adoption and productivity with software by reducing time, cost and resource allocation.
  • We can help you with software updates and migrations.
  • We have always promoted change management and assisted in various transformations with our partners.
  • We provide on-going, On-Demand support and help our clients expand their business by leveraging our solutions.

Client-Performed Migration

If you would like to handle migration yourself and have capable, in-house IT resources, we would be happy for you to collaborate our experienced & skilled support. Whether or not you are moving to a more modern version of CentOS with newer PHP and MySQL versions or to a more modern version of Windows, the selection is yours. We’re here to assist your in-house IT team with the migration. We understand that your environment might be complex, and believe that we can provide you with our knowledge and resources as per your needs.

Feel free to reach out to our executives to talk about your migration concerns.