This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.

In the backing up of your files, your application data is a crucial matter. Losing important data can be catastrophic for many organizations. On the other hand, managing your backups, all by yourself, can be a daunting task. Are your backup worries keeping you up at night?

Setup vCloud Backup And Relax

We can solve your backup problem by providing highly secure and extremely efficient online backup services. Our vCloud Backup protects your business by helping you protect your important files, your websites, and application data.

In the case of system failures or data corruption, you can quickly restore normal operations by rapidly restoring your files from our cloud-based backup storage.

Local And Cloud backups

We can tailor a backup-and-recovery solution for your business that leverages the best backup and high-availability technologies in the industry.

We follow industry best practices methodologies for cloud backup—all fully managed by your team of certified engineers.


Easy Backup/Restore

Create, schedule and manage backups through our Control Panel or API in minutes. Restoring backups, when needed, takes just a few minutes as well.


No Long-Term Contract

Pay a nominal charge on a monthly basis as long as you want. We do not require that you sign any long-term contracts for using our vCloud backup service.


Cost Effective Backup

The vCloud Backup includes data compression and a block-level deduplication mechanism to reduce backup times, file size, and storage costs. After the initial backup, vCloud Backup uses incremental backup space for optimal use of backup storage.



You can decide the frequency of your backup schedules. Decide your backup retention policy and how many backups you want to create. vCloud backup gives you complete control.

Backup Whatever Matters To You

Whether you want to backup your business data, simple files, email archives, or complex data stores, vCloud Servers enable you to do it.

You have total control over what you want to backup, how you want to backup, what schedule you want your backups to follow, and how long you want to retain your backups.

Extremely Secure Backups

vCloud Backup offers a highly secure, extremely efficient online backup service for protecting your critical business data - whether it’s simple files, email archives or complex data stores.

Our world-class encryption (256-bit key) helps ensure that your data is fully secure. We lock it down with a passphrase known only to you. Once encrypted, your data remains encrypted while stored.

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.