This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.

Fast-growing companies of all sizes are now leveraging an expanding array of complex technologies. They know that while many of the raw materials they use in business are increasingly commoditized, primarily datacenter hardware and software and bandwidth, the delivery of complex IT services is not.

We know that when you trust someone with your life or your business, you don’t go for the lowest price. You go for the most-skilled, most-reliable professionals that you can afford. You go for someone with specialized expertise. We provide a team of infrastructure and support specialists ready to ensure you are running at peak performance all the time.

Below are three categories depicting the Cloud Computing stack:

Understanding These Components

Infrastructure is not useful by itself. It sits waiting for something to make it useful in solving a problem. Imagine the railroad system. Even with all the rail lines, switches and stations built, they would not be useful without the rail cars and engines to move goods, services and people.

In this analogy, the rail lines, switches and stations are the infrastructure service. The cars and engines are the platform service that sits on top of the infrastructure and transports the goods, services and people, which in our business are the software and information.

Focus On Your application

By allowing vTech to manage your platform and infrastructure, we can customize your application's best-fit hybrid cloud by combining:

  • Dedicated hardware
  • Virtual servers
  • Private cloud
  • High-performance public cloud

A very simplified way of looking at these categories of Cloud Computing is:

  • SAAS applications are designed for end-users and are generally delivered over the web.
  • PAAS is the set of tools and services designed to make writing and using those applications practical and economical.
  • IAAS is the foundation that supports it all '–network', servers, operating systems, and storage.

For your environment, we offer around-the-clock all year long support, plus services to help you:

  • Migrate
  • Architect
  • Build
  • Manage
Your OS comes installed and with it, you can get software tools for building mobile apps.

Deploy Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Applications

Every SAAS application needs an infrastructure. We offer computing, storage, and networking and more, backed by around-the-clock all year long support. Let us handle your hosting needs so you can focus on developing your applications.

Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) Advantages

With PAAS, operating system features can be changed and upgraded frequently and easily. Additionally, geographically-distributed development teams can work together on shared software development projects.

Stay Lean

Building an application is complex. Don’t let essential but mundane details like upgrading hardware or patching software distract you.

Pay As You Grow

With our portfolio of hosting options, you can start small with a pay-as-you-go test environment. Then when you are ready to move into production, expand as your needs expand. When you are ready to speak to an experienced pro, which has helped plan, build, and run environments for SAAS and PASS, please contact us: (202) 644-9774 and

Always Local

We’ve got a network of 9 partner data centers around the world - plus an even larger network of data center associates. Your infrastructure is never very far from you or your customers.

Our services can be obtained from diverse sources across international boundaries. Cost savings are many by using infrastructure services from a single vendor. This may include reduced initial and ongoing costs by omitting multiple hardware facilities that often perform duplicate functions or suffer from incompatibility issues.

Your overall expenses can also be minimized by unifying programming development efforts.

Platforms can be used for:

  • Application development
  • Big data analysis
  • E-Discovery document management suite
  • Industry-specific production server for parallel testing

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.