vCloud Storage is truly a limitless, on-demand, utility-priced storage solution. It will provide the proper storage for the present and the future needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.

Pay As You Grow

Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee for vCloud Storage; we can charge less when our costs are less. Pay only to add more storage as your enterprise grows.

High Performance Or High Availability Options

Streamline your IT by storing data on a single scale-out storage platform. Use an object-based cloud storage platform to store, archive and access unstructured content in an easily scalable environment.

In the modern computing environment, storage is critical. The amount and type of storage needed is very dynamic. Striking the right balance between performance, reliability and price is critical especially when balancing the needs of your business, today and in the future.

With vCloud Storage, you can choose storage options focused on high performance or high availability. No matter what your preference is, we have you covered.

Reliable Performance

Top-of-line performance means relief from I/O bottlenecks and better and reliable performance for your I/O-intensive apps.

Flexible Storage Type

Choose standard volumes for everyday file system needs, or employ our solid state drive (SSD) volumes for higher database performance and your I/O-intensive apps.

Independent Storage

Your storage is not associated with any specific server. If you change your server, you can attach your storage to another vCloud Server.

24/7 Support

24/7 support is available to configure and troubleshoot or answer any questions you may have about managing your vCloud Storage.

Customized Storage For Your Business Needs

We offer a broad array of storage and backup options and the expertise and know-how to craft a storage solution that delivers exactly what you need to keep your business thriving.

From SATA, SAS and SSD-Based Local Storage, to Shared Disk SAN, to Direct Attached Storage to Dedicated Disk SAN solutions, our expert team of storage experts will review your requirements for IOPS, throughput, capacity and other factors.

We will work with you to define a customized storage solution that strikes the right balance for your organization.

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let's discuss what works the best for your organization.